Danka Dimitrijevic, Sonja Marunic, Nemanja Marunic, Damjan Kovacevic

It connects us an ideal which governs our behavior, and that will satisfy us. It does not matter in which form, all the while acting as an intangible force. In our case, in the form of the art, but can be in any other. For the survival of our ideas as a whole is essential that a common understanding prevails.
Defined as social beings, cultivating the same ideas and hopes to design functioned drive system for easy penetration by a separate goal.

As creators rather than imitators, from nothing, creating something universal, including Spirit reveals that something more than what color and line can.
Our art consists in displaying the spirit which creates the form itself.
By keeping its own expression, our Union is based on an invisible joint, which is beautiful and the strongest connection between people. The main objective of the existence of the group to enter into the essence of an object that we selects for a subject in an effort to produce a spiritual food.

Would the world was full if art was not on the menu? And that menu is not diverse?

It is amazing how people can easily submit to the sense that they are present, some cheap visual solutions, under thought presentations and performances, the usual exhibits, rigid ideas about art, superficiality, which in essence has nothing to do with their unique individuality. Form an objective opinion, which is without any meaning.
The meaning can only exist in subjectivity. The objectivity is just mocking sense. Art can be integrated into the lives as a necessary element of surprise and effect, as a work of art with this society and can leave a trail of observers spread to other places and other times that there is in man, not man in it.

The enormous number of idols that modern man is subjected, and which he submits himself, it prevents the initiation of rebellion against objectification. If there is no highest spheres of freedom, eternal and real life, then there is no necessity for the liberation of the world. In this sense, it is impossible that a man does not care about the world and transitory life in it.

We do not offer ready-made reality, but to turn to self-knowledge to each other and the audience and the knowledge to travel the world. Nation, state, family, public, collective, cosmos, everything becomes second-rate compared to the unique individual destiny of the human personality, whose development, its artistic aspirations we are trying to help.

Therefore, striving to a higher level we find sense in Cezanne's opinion that: "A kilogram of green, greener than half of kilogram".

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